Sword Art Online 7

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This! Is actually my favorite with-another-girl-character story in the whole book. I like Lisbeth and her character settings. Even though she fell in love in Kirito, I didn’t think this was a bad one side love story. I liked it a lot! I just felt like something was missing from the anime. It feels like there should be more better details (Maybe the novel was more detailed in this story?)

I WANT MORE FIGHT SCENES! I would love to see Kirito do some more actions with his sword. In the novel, I thought the character put quite some description in the fighting, and it felt like a while until Libeth came out and got attacked. More sword skills A-1 pictures!!!

It’s cute how when they were in the dragons place, Lisbeth made Kirito held her hand and when she finished making Kirito’s sword and told him that he’ll need to come to her smith shop when he needs any armors and stuff. That was cute, Hah!


Sword Art Online 6

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There’s been quite some “ohhhhh” moments in this episode… from the beginning with Kirito running after mystery man 1 (not ohhh scene’s. Just the fact that I’d like to see more actions in this anime. So when Kirito and Asuna were figured out the mystery I was more in a “OH!!! right.” Watching Kirito and Asuna talking about the topic “marry” makes me feel sorta weird but anyways. I feel that this is a stronger episode than the last one.

I like it when Asuna always give Kirito those emotions and half attacks. They just make me laugh sometimes xD

I took a look on who took the voice for Asuna today… and then! I found out that she did a lot of anime/characters that I like <3 My Gosh. She did Anjou for Anohana (if that’s how you spell her name) and more and more! From this, I’m even more in love with SAO ha

Novel Progress: GGO 40 page somewhere? (Interesting!)

I wonder if SAO is going to continue ALO and GGO. Even thought Kirito’s sister and Sinon both have their… voice casts? So just wondering if SAO will continue. But that’ll be off topic… oh well. I’ll be sitting here and watching it grow ;)

Sword Art Online 5

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I really think I should wait for 1 month without watching SAO so I can watch four episodes at once! 25min with OP and ED is not enough for SAO!

I don’t even know how the time pass so fast… nothing much happened. Well… um, yeah. I was too in to reading SAO’s after books I finished the third book and is half way thru the fourth. I really want to write out everything that happened…! But no, no, no good.

So, this episode was originally created after the part where Kirito was sleeping on the grass with Asuna (wait, what?) But, still interesting enough to continue. SAO is smart enough to not do another girl scene… even though there’s one more girl. For the girl that Asuna and Kirito met… I thought she was actually the one who killed… the guy… but in the end… no. D: She just looked sorta mentally crazy…

In the book, Asuna “fell in love” with Kirito when he asked her to sleep beside him on the grass (didn’t happened in anime so it’s okay to say! xD) but no anime will allow the main characters to fall in love in the fifth episode… I guess it’s gonna take them a bit time to get into the lovey part? In my opinion! Asuna! Will fall in love with Kirito after a boss fight together! Actually I don’t know. But I hope SAO can do their best making ever episode and become the best of the season! (Hope is unclear yet… D:)

Sword Art Online 4

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I hope the next episode goes back to the main book… I finished the first novel yesterday and I realized that SAO isn’t really a long story… Anyways. This episode is the extra book the author wrote… If I didn’t start reading the book today I might have been pretty disappointed with this episode… BUT! Since all the story is based on the novel I don’t really have anything to say about it. I just think (again) they could’ve made it better… and not having all the girl characters comingĀ  out at once.

Over all this episode is pretty nice, fight scenes are my favorite! And! It’s another episode that I love about SAO because Shirika can actually fight by herself and not only know how to say “help me” xDD Oh yeah, the reason for Kirito to saved Shirika… Because she’s like his sister?! Kirito needs some better reasons to hook up with girls…

According to the cover picture I saw on this SAO chatting board there’s still one more girl character? If she’s not Kirito’s sister… I hope it’s not the story for the next episode :\ I have to finish the extra novel like NOW!!!

Sword Art Onilne 1-3

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This is like… my favorite anime for the season…

The first episode was very catchy and I really liked how the whole anime was created… The scenes were all so beautiful! And the character was drawn pretty nice… This anime totally fits the style that I like xD For the first ten minutes I was wishing that I could be in that game and was hoping some smart scientist can create something like SAO. But when I realize that there’s an amount of danger that you could put yourself into, I sorta hesitated. But still! I would really want to try that game out and be one of the Beta testers! It’s like Inception…

The second episode killed me. Of course… because of ASUNA! Asuna is so charming <3 I also like that the fact this anime made both the main characters strong fighters unlike some amines when either the girl is weak and knows nothing… or the guy is a weakling and the girl always have to be there to save him… Also, It was pretty funny when they combined Beta tester and Cheater into Beater.. And once again Kirito pulls all the attention on him like a boss! That scene when he put on his cape was like YEAH!

Just for the fact that the third episode was sorta bad… The time shouldn’t jump so fast, and for the fight scene… NO FIGHT SCENE?! I don’t know, for me the third episode was sorta random. They could’ve made that whole story into 3~4 episodes. I read a bit of the novel and know that the story jumped from 1floor to the 74th floor. But still the person in charge could’ve made it better…
Just a note… The anime studio that is in charge of SAO is A-1 Pictures, who was also in charge of “Fairy Tail”, “Anohana” and “Blue Exorcist” And a lot of good animes. xD

Third Rainbow I’ve Ever Seen

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LUCKY! I saw the whole arch of the rainbow! xD

The Script – I’m Yours

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My friend actually liked this song out of the 20 songs I sent her!

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